The Common Pathway

Built in phases, the 6.5-mile Common Pathway begins at the Noone Falls area in south Peterborough and follows the Contoocook River corridor north by a combination of the old rail bed, sidewalks through the downtown area, and two highway underpasses. There are parking areas on Summer Street, and along Route 202N where the Pathway connects with the Old Railroad Trail.

The Pathway offers easy walking on level terrain, and the paved portion (Noone Falls north to Southfield Lane) is plowed by the town in winter.

Note: Navigate the Peterborough Plaza as best you can to the Route 101 underpass close by the river, and then by sidewalk through the down- town and north along Summer Street until the trail returns to pastoral settings.

To read the story of how this land was conserved, click here.

Photo by Annie Card

By foot (four-footed canines, included), bike, scooter and wheelchair, the accessible trail is enjoyed by many.