Open Space Committee, Town of Peterborough, New Hampshire

The Hall Property

Don and June Hall approached Peterborough town planner Peter Ryner in 2000 and said the time had come to sell their land stretching between Nubanusit Brook and Route 101 just west of town. Peter agreed that the land's significant floodplain, wetlands, and frontage along a town gateway were important to conserve. Don had hunted the land with his father and two sons, and knew the land was an important wildlife corridor, too.

     The Halls were generous both in their offered price and timeline, and Town Meeting voters in March 2001 overwhelmingly approved purchase of the Halls' 108 acres.

     Don says that conservation of the land—so that future generations can enjoy it as he has—is one of his life's great pleasures.

     Significant natural resource land usually is sold without notification of town planners or neighbors. Don and June Hall chose another way.

Don and June Hall (above) walk an old woods road. That relic road and stone walls are reminders of farm life centuries ago when settler Alexander Robbe and then his sons had several farms in the area.

Photo by Eric Poor

In addition to this perennial stream, a walk along the woods road crosses a few intermittent streams as well. Whether year-round or seasonal, all soon flow into Nubanusit Brook.

Photo by Eric Poor