Open Space Committee, Town of Peterborough, New Hampshire

Land conservation often requires many partners – appropriate since there are many beneficiaries.

Peterborough Elementary students explore the Fremont land in all seasons with Harris Center teacher-naturalist Janet Altobello. Beaver activities are studied as a window into the workings of the natural world. Many wildlife species depend on the water world created by beavers, and on the meadows left behind when the beavers move on or their dams give way.

Fremont Field Conservation Land

Occasional work gangs tackle various jobs at the Fremont conservation land. Volunteers pictured here cleared white pines encroaching on the fields.

Photo by John Hunter

Photo by Eric Aldrich

Photo by Eric Aldrich

On the left, Peterborough Elementary School students are inspecting the beaver lodge shown on the right.

Oh what a beautiful morning...

Looking for signs of Spring on this 40 degree Sunny Day . . . We saw no Bluebirds yet, but soooo many beautiful pussy willows.

Thank you again - Vote YES #10!!


Addie 3 yrs  Madeline 3 yrs  Gus 3 yrs & Wendy

Fremont Field log entry March 14, 2002 before Town Meeting vote to assist purchase of two house lots in the front field

The weather is gorges. The sun is so bright and warm. The

breez is chilly but nice. My Dad and I and our dog Rose all

sunbathed in the sun and played on the wonderful ice.


Sophia 9 1/2, Rose 3 1/2, Dad 57

Fremont Field log entry, February 9, 2002

The 178-acre Fremont conservation land on Old Jaffrey Road is a magnet for humans and wildlife. Entries in the trail logbook give a sense of both--whether the Rivermead walking group, neighbors, a preschool outing, visitors from afar, or Peterborough Elementary field trippers reporting on wildlife signs (including bear markings on a pole to the left of the trail as it crosses a power line).

The back forested acreage was conserved through a state grant secured by neighbor Duffy Monahon who knew the land well, and the front field through Conservation Commission fundraising with generous assistance from neighbors.

Most recent was a fundraising that included money voted at Town Meeting to purchase two building lots at the edge of the front field that were offered by a neighbor for a bargain price.

Photo by Francie Von Mertens

Photo by Eric Aldrich

Dog walkers who don't pick up after their dogs, as state law requires, can ruin a walk for other trail users who have to watch their steps, literally. Neighbor David Baum each spring collects many buckets-full despite warning signs that the trail will be closed to dog-walkers if the problem persists.